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My name is Karin and I am so excited to have You here 🙂

This webinar will help to steer you in your path to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.
A webinar means that you can join me in the comfort of your own home.
All you need is to click on the below link to register your spot.


Everyone who joins me will receive my FREE e-book “Body Awakening” and also Notes that cover the topics in this Webinar (online workshop).
People are becoming more and more health conscious and empowered when it comes to their own wellness.
Perhaps You are one of them? Perhaps You realise that there is a better way than just treating the illness. Perhaps You are wanting to do the best You can to keep yourself and your family healthy.
Ask Yourself, how important is being healthy to You?
I would say most of you would rate it pretty high. We all know what we wish for when we are not healthy, don’t we.
In this webinar, you will learn about what impact our wellness and how we can do our best to keep well above the wellness line in a holistic way – by creating a lifestyle that will set you on a path to ultimate wellness.
Wellness is much more than looking after our physical wellness, it is also important to look after our spiritual, emotional and mental health. There are many factors that can affect us – so what can we do to improve our wellness.
Join Wellness/Lifestyle/Essential Oil Coach Karin Hagberg for this webinar that will take you on an eye opening wellness journey.
You will learn;
    • how you can create a toxic free environment using the Young Living Essential Oils and oils infused products.
    • some strategies for creating wellness
    • tips on how you can incorporate the Young Living lifestyle (using essential oils and natural products) to stay above the wellness line
    • learn about 11 essential Essential oils for your home
    • how to become an empowered well human being
    • what affects our wellness and what easy steps you can take to feeling great
    • How detoxing your life can transform your life and lots more.
The link will be posted in the next few days. You can still go ahead and indicate that You are GOING to this event. I can then easily also send you the link.
Again, I am so excited to run this special webinar with you.
Make sure you enter the dates in your diary.
And… person goes into the draw of winning an amazing gift! You need be watching the webinar live to go into the draw.


Yours in Health, Wellness and Happiness,
Karin Hagberg


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