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13th of October, 8.30am – 5pm approx.  – Aroma Balance – Women’s 1-day Bliss Retreat

This is an amazing Women’s Bliss Day RETREAT – Aroma Balance RETREAT held at the stunning RACV Resort in Torquay on Saturday the 13th of October 2018.

It’s a day for women to relax and give back to themselves, to connect with other women, to become rejuvenated, energised and empowered. It’s a day of Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Nurturing!
This Retreat is amazing as you will be immersed in wonderful therapeutic smells.


8.30am Check in
9 – 9.30am Breathing Practice
9.30 – 10.30am Aroma Yoga
10.30am – 11.15am Break; Tea, Coffee, Fruit
11.15am – 12.45 noon Talk by Naturopath: Super Gut, Super Brain
12.45 – 1.45pm Lunch
1.45 – 3.15pm Wellness, Essential Oils & toxic free living
3.15pm – 3.45pm Break, Products Stand
3.45pm – 4.15pm Spiritual dance
4.30 – 5.30pm Meditation/Hypnosis

This is an investment in You!

This day includes snacks, tea/coffee morning & lunch + an amazing show bag with gifts and all activities. Most of all you get a day for you and a day of connecting with like minded women.
Note: You do not need any experience in Yoga etc. to attend this. This day is attended for women who want to empower themselves in terms of life and wellness.

Early Bird $197 (book before 5/10/18)

Normal Price $245 (tickets must be purchased before the 10th of October 2018)

Also – if you book 3 people in at the same time – you receive 1 spot for FREE! Call us to organise this!

This is an investment in You!
This day includes snacks, tea/coffee + an amazing show bag and all activities!!!

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Here are some picture of the venue – RACV:

Speaker and Facilitator

Karin HagbergWellness Coach/Fascilitator

Kari Hagberg is founder of Aspire Wellbeing – a wellbeing Centre and Shop in the heart of Torquay.
Karin has a Swedish degree in Sports Education from Sweden. She is a Lifestyle, food and Wellness Coach, NLP Master Coach and Hypnotherapist, Remedial Therapist, Reiki Master, AromaFreedom Technique Practitioner and Pilates/Yoga Instructor. She has over 20 years of experience in the Body, Mind and Spirit field. She has written one book called “Body Awakening – Balance your body, mind and spirit with Pilates and an active lifestyle”. She runs empowering Wellbeing Retreats around Victoria in Australia.

Karin is passionate about empowering people when it comes to health and wellness and looks forward to sharing her success tips for becoming an ultimate Well-Being and giving you some empowering well-being tools to walk away with that you can implement in your life.

Are you ready to become and Ultimate Well-being – so that you can live a life filled with health, vitality, energy, enthusiasm and purpose?
Karin invites you to have a day to yourself – a day of self-care, self-love and bliss.

“My Primary purpose in life is to inspire, motivate & support people to awaken their body, mind and spirit. I strive to feed peoples’ mind & soul with activities that will support You in the quest for ultimate love & appreciation towards yourself & balance in life”  – Karin    

Karlene GeorgiadisBiomedical Naturopath

Karlene Georgiadis is a Naturopath with twenty years of clinical experience. She is based in Torquay, Victoria but works with clients from all over Australia.

She is known for her expertise in the area of gut health and the gut-brain connection and works closely with a biological laboratory to develop individualised treatment protocols for her clients, based on the latest research.

Karlene is a mother of two, an artist and singer. She loves weights training, yoga, chai and experimenting with gut friendly recipes.

Karlene is excited for an opportunity to speak about her passion, the indepth and often misunderstood field of gut health.

Listen to Karin’s interview with Karlene.


Jacqui ‘Esi Tweba’ Dreessens, Ethnochoreologist, Wild Moves International 

Jacqui is born and raised on the Surf Coast and Geelong, Jacqui brings over 30 years of professional teaching and performing experience in Schools, Early Learning Centres, Universities, Festivals, Corporate and Community celebrations.  Jacqui is intrigued with Performance Ritual and how people express their identity and connection to their sense of place through music, dance and across the Arts. Her inspiration draws from nature and the environment, researching the Ecology of Place and Sensoriality through an intersection of poetry, film, sound and movement within Dance Anthropology and Ethnochoreology.

Jacqui’s teaching and choreography also draws upon her formal training in Contemporary and Classical dance techniques supported with Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Skinner Release technique and Laban Movement Analysis. She has extensively studied dance and drumming styles of the African Diaspora including Soukous, Highlife, Tap, Afro-Jazz, Funk, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian. On the Australian festival circuit, over the years, Jacqui has performed with many African dance bands notably, Warako Musica (Congo), Thula Sana (Sth Africa) and Adzohu (Ghana). Jacqui currently creates works within her own company, Wild Moves International, and this has led to residencies in Africa, Brazil, Europe, India and Nepal. In 2007, Children of the Blue Light: bringing healing through music and dance, was her first major ethnographic film documentary in performance ritual at the Cape Coast Slave Dungeons of Ghana, West Africa.

The focus of her dance section as part of the Wellness Retreat is on woodland and coastal bird wildlife using repetitive surefootedness and gliding flight paths that challenge your sense of balance and control within a dynamic rhythmic perception. Great for movement memory retention, swoop, catch, dive, swing, ruffle, twitter, shake, stomp and greet your ‘wild woman within’ giving gratitude towards your relationship to the Surf Coast environment. The focus is on the birds as messengers and she will incorporate the Essential Oils Eucalyptus. 

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