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NST or Neurostructural Integration Technique is a dynamic and skilful bodywork technique, which cleverly alerts the body’s innate healing wisdom to be activated.  It’s aim is to remove acute & chronic pain, dysfunctional physiological conditions and emotional conditions by “restoring structural integrity of the body”. NST is a soft tissue therapy that is designed to release muscles and fascia in a manner which is safe for all ages, from newborn to elderly.

This technique is used for a wide range of conditions from acute pain to chronic conditions.

A treatment consist of  sequences of specialised “moves” on the body, which are carried out in a very specific and systematic manner. There are no forceful manipulations, rather a cross fibre manoeuvring on muscles, tendon, ligaments or nerve, using varying pressure and incorporating rest periods.
As a client you wil experience deep relaxation and this is essentially providing the body with a chance to re-organise itself via the natural activation of various neural reflexes. The client may experience, hot and cold flushes, sweating and emotional releases after the session.

NST – Neurostructural Integration Technique is considered by leading health authorities to be the worlds’ premier “hands-on” technique in spinal and structural therapy for lasting pain removal and rejuvenation.

Using highly specialised soft-tissue manipulations, NST is able to reset the body’s muscle tensional system causing safe, natural auto-regulation to occur within the spinal column and it’s structures, thereby rapidly eliminating pain and symptoms, whilst restoring integrity and vitality!

  • NST differs because it Awakens very powerful innate healing responses from deep within.
  • NST regards all symptoms as manifestation of imbalances within the system & seeks within the system and seeks to remove via systematic integration!
  • NST offers the Human Organism an opportunity to re-integrate via structure & related systems which acts like a RESET

NST alone won’t make you healthy. You also need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle, mindset and emotional health.

The following list of symptoms frequently “disappear” in a response to a NST Session:

  • Cranial and Temporomandibular Joins (TMJ) problems
  • Neck problems including whiplash
  • Head injuries and headaches including migraine
  • Back problems both lumbar and thoracic
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand
  • Leg problems including hamstrings, knee and ankles
  • Sacral Coxxyc and pelvic problems
  • Sciatica, neuralgia and neuritis
  • Sport injuries
  • Musculoskeletal, reproductive and menopausal disorders
  • Baby colic, gastic reflux and feeding problems
  • Acute & Chronic fatigue and sleep disorders
  • Stress Conditions, emotional depression and some learning / ADHD difficulty
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • and more


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