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Have you ever taken time to Meditate? I find the time I benefit mostly from Meditating is when I least think of doing it – times when my life is really busy, when I am stressed or feeling a bit down. That’s exactly it! That’s when it’s the best time to do it. You know when you are really busy or stressed and your head is going million miles an hour? Then it’s time to slow down and start to meditate.

You see meditation is really good for our bodies, but also our minds and our spirit.

The rest you gain from doing meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep. This will make you feel well rested and more energetic. It will bring clarity to your mind and the answers will come to you more easily as you are becoming more tuned in. When you meditate you also prevent stress to getting into your system and it also releases and lets go of stress that has become accumulated in the system.
Meditation makes you feel refreshed and happy.

So if you are you seeking calmness, peace of mind, happiness, more energy, health, positive relationships and fulfillment in life – I suggest that you start to meditate.

Here are some of the benefits of Meditating

When you meditate the body is changing and every cell in the body is filled with more energy (prana). This results in a happier, more peaceful and enthusiastic you.
It simply makes you more relaxed i.e. less anxiety and stress.
It decreases pain you have in the body such as tension headaches, joint problems.
It can lower you blood pressure.
It gives you more energy.
It increases you creativity.
You gain more clarity and problems that seem big become smaller. It simply sharpens the mind and you become more focused.
You become happier, more emotional stable.
You learn more about yourself.
It improves the immune system
You start to develop intuition

There are so many benefits from slowing down and taking time to Meditate.The best thing about meditation is that you start living in the NOW and that you start let go of the past.
I often say, “Slow down to speed up”. There is no way we can just go faster and faster and do more and more – we do need the time to reflect, relax, re-focus and connect to our body, soul and spirit.

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Karin Hagberg,