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Essential Oil Lifestyle Coaching Circle


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Have you always wanted to learn about Essential Oils and their wonderful benefits to your wellness?
Would you like to learn about the oils benefits, what they can do for you and how you can benefit from them in all aspects of your life – from a body, mind and soul perspective?
Well, this is a coaching workshop that will include this plus lots lots more!!

This is also a coaching and support circle. This means you will be exploring what gives you passion in life, you will develop a clear vision, goals and you will be exploring lots of different tools that will support you in fully enjoying the present moment and move forward in life. You will learn and experience so much in this amazing Essential oil Coaching Circle for women. You will be in a supportive environment, safe of sharing and learning from each other.

As an Essential Oil/Lifestyle food and Wellness Coach/NLP Coach, I have a massive passion for empowering women, to inspire you to explore what makes your heart sing. I have also learnt as a coach that most of us need support and time in reflecting and learning tools on how we can do this. I have also learnt the enormous benefits of the Young Living Essential Oils. This powerful workshop stretch over 6 weeks and you will benefit immensely for attending this workshop!

I am wanting 5 – 8 women who want to commit to a 6-week Essential Oils and Lifestyle Coaching program, who are ready to become empowered, to learn tools on how to make forward and who are ready to learn, share and have an awesome time together, watching each other grow, face and overcome challenges and explore new opportunities.

This is what you will experience, learn and receive from attending the 6-week Coaching program:
– You will learn about Essential Oils and how they can benefit for your health. You will have a good understanding why the Young Living Essential Oils are so powerful and can support you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level
– You will learn lots about about Chakras
– You will have a better understanding about you, your personality and values
– You will be clear on your vision and set goals in an effective ways
– You will experience meditations and how affirmations can assist you
– You will get to make your own special Essential Oil Spray.
– You will become part of a “Closed” Essential Oil, Lifestyle Coaching Group where we can all share and support each other in each others goals.
– this event includes a Premium Started Kit with 11 Essential Oils and a diffuser valued at $270
– It also includes printed notes for each week
– a free Essential Oil Spray
– tea and small snacks
– and more

I will keep posting some more as we get closer to the date, but this gives you an idea what these amazing weeks are all about.

Your Investment:
Your investment for this event is $270 for the Premium Starter Pack (this is paid for separately as this includes a wholesale account with Young Living as an extra bonus!). These products are essential as we use them in this program. If you already have purchased a starter kit from Aspire Wellbeing – we will deduct this from your investment.
The rest of the program is only $57! That is for 6 weeks of coaching, learning, experiencing and connecting. Normally this coaching would be $500 per person but coaching in a group makes it so much more affordable, but not just that – also more powerful and we are there to support each other and to make each other accountable.

We will support You to make it possible for you to attend. All You need to have is a desire and want to attend this amazing workshop!
The $247 can be paid via direct debit over a time period that suits you! So, what are you waiting for?
Contact me today to claim your spot in this exciting Coaching Circle.

Karin Hagberg Ph: 0419-362136