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Creating bliss with Essential Oils – AromaBliss

Yesterday Aspire Wellbeing held another beautiful afternoon workshop – AROMA BLISS. This workshop is all about how to create Bliss using Essential Oils.

Participants get to learn how ESSENTIAL OILS promote emotional balance and spiritual insight, and be part of giving and receiving this beautiful new technique using Young Living’s Essential Oils. Learn about energy, vibration and Essential oils.

This process is both uplifting and deepening, helping you identify and move through limiting beliefs, to express more of your True Heart Self.

We Thanks everyone coming along!


“The Joy Dropper” – Health/Wellness/Essential Oil Coach


Fantastic! What a wonderful day we have had together! This was just a wonderful experience and has made me feel so much more connected with Essential Oils. The individual impact of each oil was experienced and this was truly an unforgettable experience.


Excellent, thorough and enjoyable. Karen has an all round knowledge of spiritual teachings. It’s very good for anyone with anxiety. I really enjoyed learning that these oils have energy within them.


Please send me more information about AromaBliss Workshops

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What a lovely afternoon we had at Aspire Wellbeing for the Aromabliss Workshop.

This was a workshop for wellness practitioners, healers, energy workers and anyone else who wanted a blissful afternoon.

These wonderful women who attended learnt how ESSENTIAL OILS can promote emotional balance and spiritual insight, and was part of giving and receiving the beautiful new technique using Young Living’s Essential Oils called AromaBliss. This process was both uplifting and deepening and helped identify and work through limiting beliefs, to express more of their True Heart Self.

Thanks to all of you beautiful girls for being part of this day!


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Aspire welcomes Zarah



Aspire Welcomes Zarah Adaniel to Aspire Wellbeing. Zarah will offer REIKI Healing Sessions – the next one on the 10th of June. Please contact Zarah on Ph: 0411 – 803 558 now for an appointment. 


1. When was the first time you were introduced to Reiki and how would you describe it to people who have never experienced it?

The first time was doing my level 1 & 2 certificate. I’ve never had it done before and always wondered what it was all about and I thought this was a great opportunity. I’ve always felt connected with energies and auras and every time I’ve done other forms of energy work, I have been amazed so to me Reiki brought clarity and purpose. I was looking for something to balance me within, physically, mentally and emotionally. Reiki brought all of these together in a very holistic approach for me! It opened me to so many possibilities. So simply I would tell people who have never experienced it, that it is to rebalance you from within working with the universal life force energy. It can promote healing, clarity and purpose and relaxation.

2. Apart from Reiki what is your background and most of all what is your passion – things that you love doing?

My background is personal training. I’ve always wanted to help people. I wanted to be a nurse but I am very squeamish when it comes to blood. But Reiki is more than that. It not only works physically but also mentally and emotionally. I love to work with people in wellness and also wellness for all living things, Mother Nature and Mother Earth. I want to promote life lived simply and ethically, with respect to every one and everything. I want tonne able to combine physical fitness with emotional and mental wellbeing. Also empowering women and men to follow their passion and look after themselves in the process.

3. What are some of the benefits of Reiki – how can it help support someone’s wellness?

Reiki uses the universal life force to assist someone heal themselves which can manifest physically and emotionally in an unobtrusive way. It’s very gentle and conducted in a very safe and sacred space, respecting the individual and the greater life force. It makes us appreciate that there is more to life than the material things. Happiness doesn’t mean money. I also love the fact that during the session, I am devoid of any ego and I can surrender myself to the greater life force and my client. It is as you said the ultimate example of unconditional love.

4. What is your favourite saying or quote?

My favourite quote. That’s a hard one because there’s so many! One of them is ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you’ and the other one is “If you can’t figure out your purpose. Find your passion. For your passion will lead you right to your purpose” (T.D. James).
But I guess my favourite is as it really resonates with me –
“I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.” (Sade Andria Zambala

5. If someone is interested in learning Reiki from Karin at Aspire – how would you describe the course and please feel free to share anything else.

Reiki with Karin was comprehensive and insightful. Karin has a very special way of teaching and you will feel that she is speaking to you directly. It’s very intuitive and she attracts beautiful lovely people in her courses which says a lot about her! I learned so much in the course. Even the assessment part happened so naturally and we didn’t feel at all under testing condition. She created a very loving, nurturing space for all of us to learn without judgement. All self-consciousness, self-doubt, fear, anxiousness and insecurities were welcomed and by the end of it all, we all created a special friendship and bond with each other. As soon as you walk into Aspire Wellbeing, you just feel this serenity and happiness to be there! I love the course and would recommend it to anyone. No frills and no nonsense but you learn invaluable lessons. Loved it. After the course, I felt confident that I could go out there and practice Reiki. Thank you Karin.

6. What are your favourite things to do to connect with your inner being?

Practice self-healing, meditate, study and exercise. Nurture my inner self with nourishing food and surrounding myself with things that promote wellness and fitness. Even as simple as burning an incense, listening to music and a cup of tea brings me inner peace. My children makes me connect every time I look at them as they are an expression of me.


We welcome Zarah to practise from Aspire and we welcome everyone who wants to experience a REIKI Healing to contact Zarah.

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Chakra Clearing with Crystal Singing Bowl, Essential Oils and Crystals

I remember going to my first Sound Healing Session about 4 years ago and I just loved it. I felt the vibrations in my entire body. It was just amazing! I loved it so much I decided that I was going to save up to get my very own Crystal Singing Bowl set. I ran my first Chakra Clearing Sessions the 27th of August in Bellbrae.

crystal pic 1

During this day the participants got to learn about how Therapeutic and Vibrational Essential Oils can benefit your wellness and what individual oils can be used to balance the chakras. They learnt about chakras and energy, about crystals and they got to experience an amazing Chakra Cleansing using both Crystals and Essential Oils, whilst listening to the vibrational sound of a Crystal Singing Bowl chakra cleansing Meditation.


I can’t wait to run the next Session which is planned for the 1st of October.

Here is the event on Facebook:

A little about the Crystal Singing Bowls

Each crystal bowl is digitally attuned to the diatonic musical scale – C, D, E, F, G, A, B which is vibrationally connected with the chakra system

– base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. The bigger the bowl the deeper the sound and the more it resonates with the physical. The smaller the bowl, the higher the sound and the more it resonates with the spiritual.

The sound emitted by playing theses crystal bowls has been called the “purest tone” in the world. The sounds are so “pure”. The vibrational frequencies of the bowls resonate with the physical body and the subtle energy field facilitating the harmonising of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual. The sound induces altered states of consciousness and the body vibrates to a more refined level.


” I had an amazing day. The value was great and you get the tools (the crystals) to take home to work with.”

Melissa Morgan

” I had a great 3 hours. I found the use of oils, crystal singing bowls and crystals together was an awesome combination. I look forward to doing more workshops with Karin”

Rebecca Godwin

For more information and to book fill in the contact form

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” I felt like the meditation went for 5 minutes instead of 50 minutes. The vibrations of the bowls made it easier to empty the mind”

Monica Gunaine

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Magic Oils Wellness Day

On Saturday the 21st of May the 2nd MAGIC OILS WELLNESS RETREAT DAY was held in Bellbrae.

A Big Thanks to everyone who came along!

Here’s some photos:



” What an excellent day. I learnt so much about the Young Living Essential Oils. Thanks!”

” What a great day connecting and learning! It was informative and fun and a great way to share information and share ideas”

“It was a very enjoyable day! I loved connecting with all the ladies and learning and participating in the discussions”

” I loved learning all about the Young Living Essential Oils whilst connecting with like minded people”

Contact Us for more information about Magic Oils Events

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Aroma bliss Essential Oil Workshop

Aspire ran the AROMA BLISS Essential Oil Workshop on the 15th of May 2016.

This event was designed for everyone who wanted to have a Blissful afternoon learning about the magic Essential Oils and their amazing Benefits and to learn the Aroma Bliss Technique.

Here are some pictures from the day.









“It was a relaxing, educational, gentle day teaching the benefits of essential oils and learning a new modality”

Cath Leask

Thank You! A lovely afternoon meeting new people and making connections.


Are You interested in learning about Essential Oils? Fill in the form

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