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We are so excited to announce our upcoming RETREATS.

13th of October, 8.30am – 5pm approx.  – Aroma Balance – Women’s 1-day Bliss Retreat

This is an amazing Women’s Bliss Day RETREAT – Aroma Balance RETREAT held at the stunning RACV Resort in Torquay on Saturday the 13th of October 2018.
It’s a day for women to relax and give back to themselves, to connect with other women, to become rejuvenated, energised and empowered.
This Retreat is amazing as you will be immersed in wonderful therapeutic smells.
Schedule (this will be adjusted and updated in the next few weeks – so keep checking this event regularly)
8.30am Check in
9 – 9.30am Breathing Practice
9.30 – 10.30am Aroma Yoga
10.30am – 11am Break; Tea, Coffee, Fruit
11am – 12 noon Talk by Naturopath: Super Gut, Super Brain
12 – 12.45pm Walk
1 – 1.45am Lunch
1.45pm – 2pm Digestive Restorative Pose
2pm – 3.15pm Wellness, Essential Oils & toxic free living
3.15pm – 3.45pm Break, Products Stand
3.45 – 5pm Spiritual Wellness – Chakras and
Essential Oils & Sound Healing
This is an investment in You!
This day includes snacks, tea/coffee and lunch + an amazing show bag and all activities!!!
Early Bird $197 (book before 13/9/18)
Normal Price $245 (tickets must be purchased before the 13th of September 2018)

Facebook Event Link:

Here are some picture of the venue – RACV:

16th – 18th of November, Aroma Balance Retreat – a women’s Bliss 3-day luxury Retreat at the Summer House in Torquay

Now, here is an amazing women’s Wellness Weekend on the beautiful Surf Coast in Victoria.
This gives you a chance to step away from your daily routine and “give back” to yourself. I find many women are stressed, experience anxiety, are not as healthy as they would like to be, lack confidence, and direction in life etc. Some feel like they have lost their balance, feel over worked and don’t look after themselves as much as they deserve. Most of us would have experienced one or a few things of these at some point in our life.
This weekend retreat gives you the opportunity to step away from the normal routine and to have some well-deserved “me-time”. We all need that and after this weekend you will have more renewed energy and aspiration for life. It gives you the opportunity to kick start a healthier lifestyle and give you tools to do so.
It really is a weekend of bliss, connection, clarity and transformation.
You will be experiencing transformational sessions including “the secrets to Manifesting Wellness”, Essential oils and how they can transform your wellness, how to detox your life, Aroma Balance Yoga, Sound Healing and chakra clearing with Essential oils. Aroma freedom Technique, healthy and nutritious food and juices and snacks + a talk by a Naturopath covering nutrition (The importance of Gut Health).
There is also time to spend on your own and go for a lovely nature walk, have a treatment such as aroma massage, aroma bliss, reiki, raindrop technique, relaxation hypnosis, psychic reading.
I have helped women from all walks of life improving their wellness (actually achieving ultimate wellness) through clarity, intentional goal setting and by teaching them how to deal with obstacles coming their way and giving them tools so that they can achieve their hearts desire. I do this through transformational wellness retreat weekends, one-on-one coaching etc.
If we don’t give back to ourselves who will? Think about how much more you can achieve and how much better you feel when you invest in yourself.
Karin Hagberg
During this weekend you will learn and experience
• the secrets to manifesting wellness
• to set some powerful intentions
• about essential oils and their power
• how living a toxic free life can transform your life
• a wonderful sound healing and chakra clearing using essential oils and crystals
• An informative and eye opening talk by a Naturopath
• You will get to make your own transformational Essential Oil Roll Blend
• You will get to make your own non-toxic cleaning spray etc.
There is something special about working with a small group of women. The power of getting together and to share and connect is transformational in itself.
The weekend includes;
• Amazing accommodation at the stunning Summer House in Jan Juc, Surfcoast, Victoria. Twin share. Perfect to book with a friend or with your daughter. Single accommodation is extra.
• Activities listed in the schedule above.
• All healthy and delicious meals iare included: Breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, Lunch Saturday and Sunday, Dinner Friday and Saturday
• Tea, Snacks and Juices
• An amazing Gift Bag with lovely goodies!!
and more…
Optional Extra
• Aroma Massage
• Rain drop Technique
• Reiki or Aroma bliss technique
• Relaxation Hypnosis
• Premium Starter Kit Essential Oils from Young Living (includes a diffuser, 11 therapeutic, pure essential oils and gives you a free wholesale account). Purchase before the Retreat and receive a Free treatment at the retreat!!
We only have 8 spots available for this transformational Retreat.
Secure your spot Now – Contact Karin Hagberg at Aspire Wellbeing
Ph: 0419 – 362136,
Early Bird:
$895/person – Bookings need to be made before the 15th of October
Bookings after the 15th of October: $1,047


Facebook Event Link:

Here are some pictures of the venue – the Summer House:


The Aspire Wellness Retreat Weekend, April 2016

The third aspire WELLNESS RETREAT in Pennyroyal was held on the 29th of April to the 1st of May.
This was a weekend full of Wellness Activities and gave the participants a chance to connect, relax, work out their future goals, give them a kickstart to healthy living, eat amazing food, experience Hypnosis, and they had a choice of massage and reiki and going for walks in the the tranquil setting of the Otways or just simply just Be.

The participants were amazing and they all loved getting together with Like Minded People.
All of the participants experienced being more Joyful at the end of the retreat compared to when they first came to attend. That is truly amazing!

During these three days, my aim was to get people to connect and to have lots of fun and time for themselves. And of course, get a kickstart to perhaps a healthier way of living.

You can check out the video above and lots more photos and videos are yet to come.

We already have bookings for the next retreat which is held on the 14 – 16th of October 2016.

Fill in the details below for more information.

Yours in Wellness,

Karin Hagberg



















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3rd year running….aspire Wellness Retreat

3rd year running….aspire Wellness Retreat

wellnesws retreat!!-01

It’s just a little over two weeks until the aspire Wellness RETREAT in Pennyroyal is held.
I am so excited! I get to share my passion about how to achieve ultimate wellness with people who want a kickstart to healthier living and take some time for themselves in a beautiful nature setting.

Life is busy and our lifestyles these days don’t give us much time to really evaluate where we are and what we want to achieve in terms of wellness in our lives. I believe its so important to take “time out”, to have some time for ourselves and in a location based in nature. This is what the aspire Wellbeing RETREAT is all about.

There will be amazing Vegan Food with Vegetarian options served, you will be learning about the Pillars to Ultimate Wellness, learn about Detoxification with Lynda Harding, listen to an amazing Harp Sound meditation, go for walks, relax, participate in Body Movement Classes and Hypnosis and Essential Oils Sessions and more.

This year’s team consist of Sara Dingle – the foodie, Lynda Harding – our Naturopath (you can check out here website here: and Reiki practitioner, Trudi Hose – our masseuse, Chris Moore – Kitchen hand, Jeff Helps – all rounder helper/Hypnotherapist from Hypnosis helps me, Christine Middleton – our harpist, Meryl Whiteside – my assisting hand.
The team looks forward to meeting all of our April/May participants.
We welcome everyone who has booked in.

My passion for wellness, health and fitness has been in my life since my teenage years.
And through over 20 years now I have gained experience in a variety of fields in the are of the body and mind connection and I will never look back.
The ultimate experience for me is to bring people together in retreats and workshops and to see people walk away with more Joy, more clarity and more insights how to balance our their lives.

Each year I have donated a FREE SPOT to one lucky participant. This year’s winner will be drawn this coming weekend. Everyone who follows Aspire Wellbeing on Facebook has a chance to enter the draw by Liking the Post and Sharing it. Go to:

I’ll See You at an Aspire Wellness Retreat soon,


2016 Retreat Dates:

  • 29/4 – 1/5
  • 14 – 16/10


The last two year’s Retreat Participants



Win an Amazing Essential Oil Pack and Discount to the Aspire Wellness RETREAT

Win an Amazing Essential Oil Pack and Discount to the Aspire Wellness RETREAT



Have you always wanted to learn more and get started with ESSENTIAL OILS? 

Well, here is your chance to get started. You can now Win an Amazing Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Pack!

You can read more about Essential Oils here:

Not only that – You will also get into the draw of winning a $100 discount Voucher to the Aspire Wellness Retreat in Pennyroyal. The retreat is held the 29/4 – 1/5 2016. You can read more about the retreat here:

TO GO INTO THE DRAW – FILL IN the contact form Below.

The winner will be drawn on Christmas Eve 2015. Good Luck!

Also….Aspire will be running lots of Essential Oil workshops in the New Year. Lots of Fun coming up….stay tuned.

Yours in Wellness,

Karin Hagberg


wellnesws retreat!!-01


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” I loved the whole experience from the classes, the amazing food, the meditations and the ultimate wellbeing sessions”



Aspire Wellness Retreat “Food Guru”

Aspire Wellness Retreat “Food Guru”

Aspire Wellbeing 3 day Wellness Retreat which is held in Pennyroyal 29th of April until 1st of May 2016 has some amazing talents involved.
Let me introduce a very special person – Sara Dingle. Sara Dingle has been involved in this retreat twice before and this will be her third Retreat were she is in charge of organising and planning the amazing food and also running some food demos.
Sara is not just a talented young lady she is also my amazing daughter 🙂 What a privilege it is to have her onboard again.
Karin Hagberg and her daughter Sara Dingle
Read on…. here are some questions I got here to answer…
What are you studying and what are your career aspirations?
At the end of 2014 I graduated from the Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne, with a major in Human Physiology. Along with my core physiology subjects I took numerous nutrition and public-health based subjects, which on account of my keen interest in the area ended up being my most successful (I completed each of these subjects with a high distinction). After a 5-month trip overseas, I have now resumed study and am undertaking a Masters of Human Nutrition. The career opportunities from this course are so diverse that I have yet to decide exactly which direction I would like to pursue but I know I will find a career I love as I am whole-heartedly following my passion.
What inspired you to start this direction of study/occupation?
I have always been a keen student in the area of science and went through school thinking I would go into the field of medicine. But as I was exposed to more and more information through my undergraduate degree it honed my interest more specifically to the area of nutrition. I, probably as a result of both of my very active parents, have always had a keen interest in sport and living a healthy and active life and I think my area of study really complements this.
What are your passions and dreams and hobbies, etc. apart from your profession?
I love sport and have tried many different forms over the years, but at the moment my focus is on rowing and running. But in general, I enjoy any kind of movement and love to start most of my days this way. For me this time is an opportunity to focus on myself and almost functions as a morning meditation. Aside from this I love to make time for my friends and family and to keep busy with work and study. In the future I aspire to find a career that I love, always keep active, positive & healthy and have a family of my own that I can share it with.
Where are you from originally and how long have you been in Torquay?
I was born in Sweden but at only 4 months old moved to Australia with my Mum and Dad, where we lived for 7 years in Geelong West. After this we moved from Torquay and have lived here ever since. During my undergraduate degree my fiancee and I lived in a couple of apartments in the Melbourne CBD but came back down to Torquay most weekends. We found that we really enjoyed the balance of city life with the beach town of Torquay – we got the best of both worlds!
How would you describe an aspire Ultimate WELLBEING? (a person who has ultimate wellness)?
I think that this person has to be positive and avoid seeking out the negatives in life. They need to have respect for themselves and always try to treat others with kindness. I believe that you can have ultimate wellness regardless of if there are negative things going on in your life – you just need to be able to see the positives and feel content with who are are as a person.
What does wellness mean to you?
As I said above, I think wellness it about having the ability to always see a positive in life (regardless of the negative things that might be affecting you) and to appreciate yourself and all those around you.
What is your website and how can people get in contact with you?
You can find my website at or contact me via email –
What is your favourite quote/saying?
‘Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.’ (Hippocrates)
What is your favourite food?
This changes constantly with the season and my mood but I feel the happiest and most satisfied when I am eating nutritious food but not restricting myself if I feel like something more indulgent. I could never give up chocolate completely (nor would I want to).
Anything else you would like to share with us?
I am really looking forward to cooking for you on this retreat. You have already demonstrated that you are well on the way to achieving ultimate wellness by respecting your body and treating it to this incredible experience!
Some photos of Sara and the 2014 Aspire Wellness Retreat in Pennyroyal and some of the amazing food she created.
BOOK NOW to get $100 off this amazing RETREAT. Secure your spot for only $150 and payment plan available after that.
 wellnesws retreat!!-01

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Early Bird RETREAT Bookings

The Aspire Wellbeing 3-day RETREAT in Pennyroyal is coming up on the 29th of April – 1st of May 2016.
We are offering an amazing $100 discount if you pay before the 30th of November 2015. So the cost is then only $595. We even offer a payment plan. This is how it works. You pay a $150 deposit then 5 instalments of $89/month. That only comes to $22.25/week!!!
We have already got bookings for this and we only have 14 spots so please don’t wait. Contact us below to book now!

Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach Karin

“I loved the whole experience from the classes, the amazing food, the meditation and the ultimate wellbeing sessions!”

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