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You are who you think you are

You are who you think you are

Today I posted this in my group on Facebook called Pure Wellness Inspiration with Swedish Wellness Coach Karin.

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Anyone here who knows me well – knows that I have a very passionate interest in how the mind works. I guess that is why I ended up staying Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy etc. I also love working with Energy and how energy works.

Are you aware of that in order to create balance in your life, you have to use the energy of you thoughts to harmonise what you want or desire.

Let me explain what I mean by that…in basics terms, you attract what you think about. If you feel frustrated, you will attract more frustration, if you feel happy and content, you will attract more happy and contentment.

You and no-one else is responsible for the imbalance between not having what you want and having what you want.

So how about if you could create balance in between what you wish and dream about and your habits? Now, you might wonder how you can do this. Let me explain. The first I would ask you to do is to become aware of what you think about. Then ask yourself if those thoughts are supportive to your dreams. If they are not, come up with some other thoughts that will support your dream.

You need to make a Commitment to think about what you Want and not what you Don’t want!

Thought are mental energy. You must stop thinking about what you don’t want, even though you may initially will feel compelled to continue that habit that may not support you. You habit might continue for a while but as you keep changing your thoughts, your habits will follow.

It all starts with your thoughts – the mental energy. Change your thoughts so they are aligned with your dreams and desires and you will restore your balance in your life.

I once read this by writer Lousie May Alcott:
“Far away in the sunshine, are my highest inspirations.
I may not reach them,
But I can look up and see the beautify, believe in them and try to follow where they lead”

I think the she understood how mental energy could make the manifestation of dreams to come true.

Have an awesome day.
I believe its a beautiful one.

Lots of love and light your way,

Karin Hagberg

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Pure Wellness 2019 and beyond! Get ready to transform

Pure Wellness 2019 and beyond! Get ready to transform

First of all…..HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Hi and welcome to Pure Wellness 2019 and beyond!

Isn’t it exciting that a New Year is about to start or probably when you read this it is 2019!

I have set up an event on Facebook to keep you accountable for your wellness goals 2019. This is an event that will last all of 2019…and beyond!
Buckle up and get ready! The journey starts the 1st of January 2019 and you are in for an amazing journey.🦋💗

I am so excited about the coming year and this year is the year of transformation and empowering wellness. This is it! It’s time time to get started.

No more procrastination or putting it of. It’s time to realise this is it! Now is the time to take action and this event is all about that – dreaming, creating, doing. It’s for everlasting wellness. It’s about a creating a wonderful journey.

Join me this year if you are ready to transform.

So here is what you must do….as we agreed on…no more not doing…no more procrastination….>>>>
1. Indicate that you are GOING to this event – this means you are attending “Pure wellness and beyond 2019”  Click here to get to the Event >>>>
2. Join this group:
This is so that you can receive all the inspiration you need to keep going for 2019 and beyond!
3. Get ready to transform!

More information and exciting things will be posted in the event.

For now, happy new year!

Are You ready?
Let’s bring on 2019 – the year for ultimate pure wellness. Let’s do this together. I believe you can create ultimate wellness and I’m here to show you ways in how to get there and stay there.
Blessings and gratitude 🙏

Karin 🌸🌸🌸🦋🦋💗


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