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Can I ask you….are you Happy?

Have you ever asked yourself what happiness is and why we are often seeking it? Have you asked yourself what it means to be happy and is happiness the same as pleasure?

I believe there is a difference in between pleasure and happiness.
Pleasure is dependent on our senses – you might get pleasure from eating nice food, watching a good movie, spending time with your partner or a friend etc. It is something that makes you feel good.

Happiness is on the other hand independent of your senses.
Happiness does not depend on circumstances, objects or events. It is an inseparable part of our consciousness, but hidden and covered from sight, by our thoughts, desires and worries.

All you need to do to become happy is to uncover it. So, how can we do this?

If you silence your mind you will start to experience happiness. You will need to be calm and relaxed.
It is only our thoughts that can stand in our ways to be happy. Change your thoughts and you can be happy now.

If you believe that circumstances will make you happy then you are up for disappointment.

When you are happy, minor unpleasant events usually do not disturb you. When you are unhappy, you feel as if everything is against you. You might compensate for this, by eating chocolate and sweets or even smoke or drink because this gives you pleasure; yet you stay unhappy.

Are you afraid to be happy?
I know it might seem like a strange questions, but some people actually fear being happy as they see happiness as a temporary state and they are therefor scared to loose it. They believe that unhappiness always follows happiness. Some people believe that they are not worthy of happiness.
Sometimes things change in life and if we don’t like the changes we experience unhappiness.
But if we practise detachment – nothing can influence our moods.

I guess what I am trying to tell you is that Happiness is an inside job. Do not let your feelings be influenced by each little blow of the wind. If you can convince yourself to stay relaxed and calm in every situation, this will be the first step to experience happiness.

Pure Wellness Inside Out,

Karin Hagberg

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Are you passionate?

Are you passionate?

Today I wanted to take about being passionate? Are you passionate about what you do in your life?

I believe many of us find ourself living a so called “comfortable” life. We go to work, pay our bills, do our chores. We do it without thinking much about what we do. We are on autopilot. But can I ask you if there is something in you at times telling you…is this what I came her for….to do this day in day out? Is there a part of you that tells you that it does not feel right but it seems all good. That is what people do, you keep telling yourself, although your inner being tells you there’s gotta be more to life then this.
Have you ever been in that position? Then you can relate what I am talking about.

First of all Congratulations for realising that there’s gotta be something more to life.
Ask yourself, what inspires you the most?
I know that you know. Trust yourself.
You will find what you are passionate about when you are inspired. That is when you operate from your spiritual side. Did you know that inspire is derived from the word “in spirit”.

Allow yourself to trust your spirit – then you will be passionate beyond measures and you will have lots of energy to do what you love.

Inspired wellness is the best,

Karin Hagberg xx

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Yes I can do it!

Yes I can do it!

This afternoon I hopped on my rowing machine in the garden and I decided to set the times to 45 minutes.
That meant that I had to finish after doing 45 minutes and not earlier…not after 15 minutes or 30..I finish as there is 0 minutes left.

I had placed the rowing machine on the grass in the garden and the sun was shining. It had been a stunning day and as I had been inside earlier in the day – I felt I needed to feel the sun’s says on my body as I was rowing.

After had done 5 minutes only, I started wondering why I had set it on 45 minutes and not 30 or perhaps 20 minutes…. It was hot in the sun and I felt that it was challenging this afternoon after a long day. Buy mind started playing games with me..trying to challenge me to finish earlier…to give in. I kept focusing on each minute that passed and started telling me…I am getting closer and closer to the finish…after 20 minutes…I started saying…already half way there only about 23minutes to go. Then my mind started telling me…goddness me…that is a pretty long time to keep this up. Are you sure you can do this, my mind was telling me.
But I was determined and steered my mind to say “I CAN DO THIS”. 23 minutes goes really quickly…see how fast the minutes are counting down.

With 15 minutes to go, there was no more negative thoughts coming into my head anymore. If I have managed to go this far, I can do another 15 minutes. What is 15 minutes really?? Not much is it if I put it in a day’s perspective.
When I reached 5 minutes, time was counting down really fast. The goal was to just keep a split time of 2.19min. per 500 meters average and that is exactly what I ended up doing.

So, it is really in your mind. What are you telling yourself when You decide to do something?

YES, I CAN DO IT! takes you far further then I can’t do this.

Karin Hagberg. x

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Today I wanted to talk about a Big One that is often overlooked or forgotten about – SLEEP.

I remember being the best sleeper ever when I was young.
I used to fall asleep anywhere and anytime. And I needed a lot of sleep! Saying that I have always been a morning person.
Instead I used to sleep as soon as I hopped in a car for a drive (me as a passenger of course), as I came home from school, in the middle of the day in between training session etc.

Now its different. Work takes up my whole day and before and after work other things need to be done and organised. That means that night sleep becomes extra important.
I definitely don’t sleep as I used too. I’m still a morning person thought – I just can’t sleep in. Funny thing my both kids are just the same – morning people.

Now I can say that I would probably do better with just a little more sleep, cause my sleep are at times a bit broken. I wake up a little more than I used to when younger. Can anyone else relate to this?

So, I have decided to get back into good sleeping patterns with some of these simple tips I’m going to implement.
Are you going to join me?

This is what I am going to do:
– Keep my windows open so I have fresh air coming in and it’s a little colder.
– Eat earlier at night so my stomach is not full and is busy digesting.
– Write in my gratitude journal every night before bed
– Stop having black tea in the evening and instead have herbal teas like Chamomile etc.
– Spend a little more time in the sun as it will boost my vitamin D and boost melatonin production.
– Do a short meditation before bed
– Reduce Sugar intake. I suggest you reduce or stop drinking alcohol if you do. I don’t drink so I don’t have to worry about that
– Include more Tryptophan rich food such as nuts because it’s the precursor to melatonin – the hormone that puts uf to sleep and it’s found in protein.
– Breathe slowly and deeply – particularly before bed
– Have a Epsom and Magnesium Salt Bath before bed with soothing and calming Essential Oils from Young Living too such as Lavender
– Have my Essential Oil diffuser in the bedroom and diffuse appropriate oils from Young Living such as Lavender, Peace and Calming, Stress Away, Sacred Mountain which are some of my favourites.

Sleep is important because that is when the body repairs itself, strengthening the body’d ability to fight infection, repair damaged cells etc. It also is a great with stress reduction, improving moods and can help with weight control.

How’s your sleeping patterns and have you got anything that works well for improving your sleep? Feel free to comment below.

Lots of Love,

Karin Hagberg x

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You are who you think you are

You are who you think you are

Today I posted this in my group on Facebook called Pure Wellness Inspiration with Swedish Wellness Coach Karin.

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Anyone here who knows me well – knows that I have a very passionate interest in how the mind works. I guess that is why I ended up staying Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy etc. I also love working with Energy and how energy works.

Are you aware of that in order to create balance in your life, you have to use the energy of you thoughts to harmonise what you want or desire.

Let me explain what I mean by that…in basics terms, you attract what you think about. If you feel frustrated, you will attract more frustration, if you feel happy and content, you will attract more happy and contentment.

You and no-one else is responsible for the imbalance between not having what you want and having what you want.

So how about if you could create balance in between what you wish and dream about and your habits? Now, you might wonder how you can do this. Let me explain. The first I would ask you to do is to become aware of what you think about. Then ask yourself if those thoughts are supportive to your dreams. If they are not, come up with some other thoughts that will support your dream.

You need to make a Commitment to think about what you Want and not what you Don’t want!

Thought are mental energy. You must stop thinking about what you don’t want, even though you may initially will feel compelled to continue that habit that may not support you. You habit might continue for a while but as you keep changing your thoughts, your habits will follow.

It all starts with your thoughts – the mental energy. Change your thoughts so they are aligned with your dreams and desires and you will restore your balance in your life.

I once read this by writer Lousie May Alcott:
“Far away in the sunshine, are my highest inspirations.
I may not reach them,
But I can look up and see the beautify, believe in them and try to follow where they lead”

I think the she understood how mental energy could make the manifestation of dreams to come true.

Have an awesome day.
I believe its a beautiful one.

Lots of love and light your way,

Karin Hagberg

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