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Are you passionate?

Are you passionate?

Today I wanted to take about being passionate? Are you passionate about what you do in your life?

I believe many of us find ourself living a so called “comfortable” life. We go to work, pay our bills, do our chores. We do it without thinking much about what we do. We are on autopilot. But can I ask you if there is something in you at times telling you…is this what I came her for….to do this day in day out? Is there a part of you that tells you that it does not feel right but it seems all good. That is what people do, you keep telling yourself, although your inner being tells you there’s gotta be more to life then this.
Have you ever been in that position? Then you can relate what I am talking about.

First of all Congratulations for realising that there’s gotta be something more to life.
Ask yourself, what inspires you the most?
I know that you know. Trust yourself.
You will find what you are passionate about when you are inspired. That is when you operate from your spiritual side. Did you know that inspire is derived from the word “in spirit”.

Allow yourself to trust your spirit – then you will be passionate beyond measures and you will have lots of energy to do what you love.

Inspired wellness is the best,

Karin Hagberg xx

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