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Yes I can do it!

Yes I can do it!

This afternoon I hopped on my rowing machine in the garden and I decided to set the times to 45 minutes.
That meant that I had to finish after doing 45 minutes and not earlier…not after 15 minutes or 30..I finish as there is 0 minutes left.

I had placed the rowing machine on the grass in the garden and the sun was shining. It had been a stunning day and as I had been inside earlier in the day – I felt I needed to feel the sun’s says on my body as I was rowing.

After had done 5 minutes only, I started wondering why I had set it on 45 minutes and not 30 or perhaps 20 minutes…. It was hot in the sun and I felt that it was challenging this afternoon after a long day. Buy mind started playing games with me..trying to challenge me to finish earlier…to give in. I kept focusing on each minute that passed and started telling me…I am getting closer and closer to the finish…after 20 minutes…I started saying…already half way there only about 23minutes to go. Then my mind started telling me…goddness me…that is a pretty long time to keep this up. Are you sure you can do this, my mind was telling me.
But I was determined and steered my mind to say “I CAN DO THIS”. 23 minutes goes really quickly…see how fast the minutes are counting down.

With 15 minutes to go, there was no more negative thoughts coming into my head anymore. If I have managed to go this far, I can do another 15 minutes. What is 15 minutes really?? Not much is it if I put it in a day’s perspective.
When I reached 5 minutes, time was counting down really fast. The goal was to just keep a split time of 2.19min. per 500 meters average and that is exactly what I ended up doing.

So, it is really in your mind. What are you telling yourself when You decide to do something?

YES, I CAN DO IT! takes you far further then I can’t do this.

Karin Hagberg. x

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