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Today I wanted to talk about a Big One that is often overlooked or forgotten about – SLEEP.

I remember being the best sleeper ever when I was young.
I used to fall asleep anywhere and anytime. And I needed a lot of sleep! Saying that I have always been a morning person.
Instead I used to sleep as soon as I hopped in a car for a drive (me as a passenger of course), as I came home from school, in the middle of the day in between training session etc.

Now its different. Work takes up my whole day and before and after work other things need to be done and organised. That means that night sleep becomes extra important.
I definitely don’t sleep as I used too. I’m still a morning person thought – I just can’t sleep in. Funny thing my both kids are just the same – morning people.

Now I can say that I would probably do better with just a little more sleep, cause my sleep are at times a bit broken. I wake up a little more than I used to when younger. Can anyone else relate to this?

So, I have decided to get back into good sleeping patterns with some of these simple tips I’m going to implement.
Are you going to join me?

This is what I am going to do:
– Keep my windows open so I have fresh air coming in and it’s a little colder.
– Eat earlier at night so my stomach is not full and is busy digesting.
– Write in my gratitude journal every night before bed
– Stop having black tea in the evening and instead have herbal teas like Chamomile etc.
– Spend a little more time in the sun as it will boost my vitamin D and boost melatonin production.
– Do a short meditation before bed
– Reduce Sugar intake. I suggest you reduce or stop drinking alcohol if you do. I don’t drink so I don’t have to worry about that
– Include more Tryptophan rich food such as nuts because it’s the precursor to melatonin – the hormone that puts uf to sleep and it’s found in protein.
– Breathe slowly and deeply – particularly before bed
– Have a Epsom and Magnesium Salt Bath before bed with soothing and calming Essential Oils from Young Living too such as Lavender
– Have my Essential Oil diffuser in the bedroom and diffuse appropriate oils from Young Living such as Lavender, Peace and Calming, Stress Away, Sacred Mountain which are some of my favourites.

Sleep is important because that is when the body repairs itself, strengthening the body’d ability to fight infection, repair damaged cells etc. It also is a great with stress reduction, improving moods and can help with weight control.

How’s your sleeping patterns and have you got anything that works well for improving your sleep? Feel free to comment below.

Lots of Love,

Karin Hagberg x

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