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Diffuser or Humidifier

Diffuser or Humidifier


I have been asked lately what the difference between a Diffuser and a Humidifier is. So in this blog post I thought I would share the difference with you.

Both a humidifier and a diffuser add moisture to the air. Apart from this, they are very different.

First of all, diffusers are smaller devices and holds less water. Although there are a few essential oil diffusers that add moisture to the air in a large enough amount to be thought of as a humidifier.

The purpose of a diffuser is to create a small stream of mist that carries the chemical compounds that are in the essential oils into the air by allowing the oil to “ride” the water droplets.

Essential oil Diffusers do put moisture in the air but, most essential oil Diffusers will only add a small amount of humidity to the room.
The most popular type of diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser i.e the Dewdrop Diffuser from Young Living (pictured above) that has a vibrating plate that mixes and vaporizes the water and oils by shaking. This makes it easier to breathe in the essential oils.

Cleaning and maintenance of a diffuser is typically easy as there are no tubes or enclosed areas where water sits.

Humidifiers are usually larger device that holds more water than a diffuser and it’s purpose is to help control a set level of moisture in an area.They do not have the ability to mix essential oils and water. The can also be difficult to keep clean and maintain.

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