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Creating bliss with Essential Oils – AromaBliss

Yesterday Aspire Wellbeing held another beautiful afternoon workshop – AROMA BLISS. This workshop is all about how to create Bliss using Essential Oils.

Participants get to learn how ESSENTIAL OILS promote emotional balance and spiritual insight, and be part of giving and receiving this beautiful new technique using Young Living’s Essential Oils. Learn about energy, vibration and Essential oils.

This process is both uplifting and deepening, helping you identify and move through limiting beliefs, to express more of your True Heart Self.

We Thanks everyone coming along!


“The Joy Dropper” – Health/Wellness/Essential Oil Coach


Fantastic! What a wonderful day we have had together! This was just a wonderful experience and has made me feel so much more connected with Essential Oils. The individual impact of each oil was experienced and this was truly an unforgettable experience.


Excellent, thorough and enjoyable. Karen has an all round knowledge of spiritual teachings. It’s very good for anyone with anxiety. I really enjoyed learning that these oils have energy within them.


Please send me more information about AromaBliss Workshops

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