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Love you Mum!

All Mum’s and Women are SPECIAL! And they deserve to be reminded.

Aspire is therefor offering this super special!

Buy 2 pampering MASSAGES with essential Oils  & she will receive a FREE GIFT  – L’Brianté lip gloss/essential oil scent duo valued at $85!!!!

L’Brianté lip gloss/essential oil scent duos are perfect for revealing your natural beauty on the go. Winter features a nude gloss and a sophisticated essential oil blend that includes Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang. ESSENTIAL OILS: Vetiver, Idaho Balsam Fir, White Fir, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang


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Oil Pulling for health


Have you ever heard of OIL PULLING?

Oil pulling simply mean that you swish oil in the mouth for a period of time – about 5 – 20 minutes and then you spit it out.
Oil pulling is said to reduce plaque and coconut oil is naturally anti bacterial and even said to kill specific bacteria that causes cavities. The idea with this is that the oil is able to reach and help remove harmful substances in the mouth like bacteria and plaque. Coconut oils is antibacterial to it helps break down bacteria.

I think the teeth and gums feel much cleaner when oil pulling regularly. Some people even notice that bad breath goes away.

It is so easy to make. I make it easy by making pre-made, bite size oil pulling chews.


  • 1/2 cup  Coconut Oil
  • 15-20 drops  of Essential Oils  – I recommend Peppermint, perhaps a mix of Peppermint and Clove or the blend Thieves.


  1. Melt the coconut oil until just barely liquid.
  2. Remove from heat and add essential oils.
  3. Pour into silicon candy molds and put in the fridge or freezer to harden.
  4. When done, remove from molds and store in a jar.
  5. Use one per day as needed for oil pulling.

To purchase the Best Therapeutic Grade ESSENTIAL OILS that I recommend – go to the posted link.
Purchase a Basic Starter Kit and then add the oils of your choice. If you need any help please contact Karin Hagberg at Aspire Wellbeing,, Ph: 0419-362136


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3rd year running….aspire Wellness Retreat

3rd year running….aspire Wellness Retreat

wellnesws retreat!!-01

It’s just a little over two weeks until the aspire Wellness RETREAT in Pennyroyal is held.
I am so excited! I get to share my passion about how to achieve ultimate wellness with people who want a kickstart to healthier living and take some time for themselves in a beautiful nature setting.

Life is busy and our lifestyles these days don’t give us much time to really evaluate where we are and what we want to achieve in terms of wellness in our lives. I believe its so important to take “time out”, to have some time for ourselves and in a location based in nature. This is what the aspire Wellbeing RETREAT is all about.

There will be amazing Vegan Food with Vegetarian options served, you will be learning about the Pillars to Ultimate Wellness, learn about Detoxification with Lynda Harding, listen to an amazing Harp Sound meditation, go for walks, relax, participate in Body Movement Classes and Hypnosis and Essential Oils Sessions and more.

This year’s team consist of Sara Dingle – the foodie, Lynda Harding – our Naturopath (you can check out here website here: and Reiki practitioner, Trudi Hose – our masseuse, Chris Moore – Kitchen hand, Jeff Helps – all rounder helper/Hypnotherapist from Hypnosis helps me, Christine Middleton – our harpist, Meryl Whiteside – my assisting hand.
The team looks forward to meeting all of our April/May participants.
We welcome everyone who has booked in.

My passion for wellness, health and fitness has been in my life since my teenage years.
And through over 20 years now I have gained experience in a variety of fields in the are of the body and mind connection and I will never look back.
The ultimate experience for me is to bring people together in retreats and workshops and to see people walk away with more Joy, more clarity and more insights how to balance our their lives.

Each year I have donated a FREE SPOT to one lucky participant. This year’s winner will be drawn this coming weekend. Everyone who follows Aspire Wellbeing on Facebook has a chance to enter the draw by Liking the Post and Sharing it. Go to:

I’ll See You at an Aspire Wellness Retreat soon,


2016 Retreat Dates:

  • 29/4 – 1/5
  • 14 – 16/10


The last two year’s Retreat Participants