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The Magic Oils Wellness RETREAT was held in Bellbrae on the 28th of February 2016. Participants got to learn about Essential Oils and how they can be beneficial for their overall wellness. Amazingly healthy lunch made by Natural Food Specialist Sara Dingle (you can check out her blog After lunch everyone got to make a spritzer or a bath salt including the essential oils and then everyone experienced how they could incorporate the essential oils in their meditation and how to incorporate them in a chakra clearing/balancing session. The day finished with a healing hypnosis session.

Thanks for everyone who attended!








The day was great. I enjoyed the location, such was good and also the presentation. It was a relaxing, knowledgeable and claiming day

The day was full of great information with plenty to learn about. I enjoyed the relaxation/hypnosis as I need more practise

I really enjoyed the day and got a lot out of the oils information. The lunch was lovely. I learnt about essential oils and their potential and strength

The day was very beautiful and relaxing. Karin is a clam person to be around and very positive. I loved it! Thanks!

The day was set in a relaxing environment in the bush. Karin is very calm and does amazing meditation/hypnosis session. The oils are beautiful and smell amazing. The lunch was delicious and healthy and it was nice to spend time with likeminded people.

The meditation was relaxing plus using the oils with the chakra clearing was a new experience for me

It was an interesting, informative and relaxing day. It was lovely to day for networking with like minded people in a beautiful venue

On this day we got to learn about essential oils; origins, their benefits and how to use them in a myriad of ways – nutrition, cleansing, cosmetics and household items

I want to learn more about Wellness and Essential Oils

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