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Did you know that thoughts, emotions and behavior affect our wellbeing?
Our emotional wellbeing can be affected by significant life events such as suffering an illness or injury, moving to a new home, having financial problems, dealing with death of a loved one, getting divorce or married.
Changes in life can be stressful and it “good” changes can be as stressful as “bad” changes.

The body is amazing!

Your body is a feedback mechanism and will let you know when something is not right. The body responds to the way you think, feel and the things you do.
You might experience back pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, chest pain, weigh loss or gain etc. and these “signs” are the bodies ways of telling you that you are “out of balance”.

Poor emotional health can weaken your immune system and create disease in the body.

Listen to your body!

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your emotional wellbeing and to understand the body, mind connection:

• Become more in tune with your emotions and why you have them.
• Try to understand the cause/ find the cause of your emotions such as sadness, stress & anxiety.
• Have a balance lifestyle. Make time for things you love doing and spend time with people you love and that support you and what you do.
• Practice meditation/relaxation and deep breathing. Perhaps start doing Pilates or Yoga.
• Take care of yourself, eat well and do things that are going to bring your body into a good healthy, happy state.
• Make sure you get enough sleep.
• Stay away from drugs and alcohol

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