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Improve your life by being Grateful


How often do you think about how good life is? Do you think about the things you have in life, whatever it is (your family, friends), how you live; are you grateful for your health?

Well, I think about how grateful I am for many things Daily. There are so many things to be grateful for! I have what a call my “Love Journal” and that is the Journal I write all the things I am grateful for in.

To me Gratitude means thankfulness, to notice the simple pleasures in life, it means learning to live life as if everything is a miracle. It means realizing that we are really living in Paradise Now! It means realizing being aware of how much “I am given in life”.

Being grateful brings the focus from what your life lacks to noticing all the abundance around you. I believe this has tremendous impact on our wellbeing. It certainly makes me happier and makes me less stressed. I also think it can make relationships improve and I certainly believe it improves your health.

Why don’t you give this a go?

I suggest you start writing a journal too. Write 5 or even 10 things you are grateful for each day and watch your life slowly transform. This is cause you start to feel lucky and fortunate, and as you create these feelings, more of them will come into your life.

I guarantee that it will improve your outlook on life and thus improve your wellbeing.
Remember the things we tend to take for granted in life too, such as your ability to hear and speak, your home, your health etc.

There are so many simple treasures in life…it’s just a matter of remembering them and be grateful for them. So, start today to bring gratitude to your experiences, instead of waiting for a positive experience in order to be grateful.

Have a truly blessed day!

Love Karin

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